Heart of Gold Tattoo since 2010

In a town often referred to as Small Lake City, it’s not easy to carve something out for yourself.  The willing cast-offs of the majority population create an idiomatic subculture; a small town vibe with a skyline backdrop.  Where word of mouth rules – you have to be good to survive, and Salt Lake City has no scarcity of talent. Spend some time in the lower digits of the grid and you can usually catch some pretty nice body art; that work is more often than not done right here in town.

This is where we come in.  The artists at Heart of Gold are hand selected from this subculture. Witnesses to the discipline, creativity and standards that make great art. Their personalities vary, the atmosphere is relaxed but focused, laid back but with a full handle on the importance of each piece. 

Set apart by their individual talents and styles, Heart of Gold artists share the same ideals of quality and experience. Artists who pride themselves on an open dialogue with every person who comes through the door create an environment where ideas become amazing pieces of art.  

This is a studio where you reap the benefits of naturally talented tattooists, who continue to push themselves in technique and approach through studying nature, literature and other artists. Whatever you want, we can create the best possible version of it, something you will love for life.  

The way we see it, Heart of Gold made the choice to become part of the subculture of Salt Lake City – and it’s a commitment the artists take seriously. They are creating the moving art around this city, their canvases grace our bars and restaurants; their work hangs on the walls where we live.  This is your city, and this is your tattoo shop.  



853 E 400 S 801.359.4546

Monday-Saturday noon-8pm.

Sunday noon-6pm.